Special Workshop: Windows to the Sky

October 25 – 26
Saturday & Sunday, 9- 5

When sensitive people are touched at certain acupuncture points they feel transported to an older realm.  These acupuncture points are places of deep change; accessing them can quickly make things different for the client-how he feels, how he looks, how he experiences himself and his world.

The Windows to the Sky points are highly evocative locations that are especially good in taking clients into the hypnagogic realm, through out of the body experiences, and into past-life regressions.  They are used by past –life therapist to facilitate their work, for instance at The Light Institute in New Mexico, Chris Griscom uses a combination of craniosacral work and the Window to the Sky points to induct clients into previous incarnations.  Many body workers use them instinctively to calm, to deepen, and to facilitate unfolding.

This group of acupuncture points are used to alter consciousness, for centuries; this knowledge was shared only among the spiritual elite.  Today treatment of these points is used in variety of settings and for a variety of reasons and can be used in combination with other acupressure points in dealing with physical disorders.  The “Window to the Sky” acupuncture points bring energy into the upper body and the head.  As a result, energy flows more strongly than usual and breaks through blockages associated with physical and emotional trauma.

For example, people who have experienced whiplash in a car accident sometimes need to have some of the points simulated in order to let go of the emotional shock associated with the accident.  The body then heals with amazing rapidity.  Sometimes, when the “Windows to the Sky “ are stimulated, the person will not only release emotional trauma associated with the accident, but will also release earlier emotional trauma- sometimes reaching back as far as childhood, or even to previous life -times.

The emotional trauma is re-experienced while the person is in an altered state of consciousness, a relaxed, meditative state.  In these meditative states people come into contact with an increasing amount of mental/emotional  material, and they contact it from such a state of balance that there is acceptance and resolution of trauma and a resulting decrease in physical and emotional imbalances.
One can stimulate the points from one to 10 -15 minutes.  The type of pressure varies from light and constant to extremely slow-motion clockwise circles.  If pressure in the point releases a lot of energy the particular spot does not need much stimulation and the pressure applied should be light…If the energy is blocked one would use rotations (3 seconds per rotation).  Some blockages can be cleared with only one treatment and changes may continue to occur for 4-6 months.  People may need repetitive treatments within a week.

These points can be effectively stimulated with gentle finger-tip pressure, the use of quartz crystals and or essential oils.  Most of the points are in the neck or at the base of the skull.  This area is strongly related to the ability to transform subconscious material in conscious resolvable material.

Everyone reacts differently to the treatments.  At the low end of the scale people will comment on how they feel relaxed.  Many dream more than they had previously.  Some people see images  that can pertained to the emotions, either from childhood or previous lives; other feel energy rushing through their body and feel open up to more perceptual clarity.  This subtlety of perception also carries over into daily life, producing increased mental clarity and functioning, improved memory, greater calmness and acceptance in life.

This work represents one of the highest applications of sacred touch, both for the enhancement of spiritual clarity, and for grounding those clients who are “too much in their heads”. As they are powerful access places, the “Windows to the Sky” points need to be approached with great respect.  It is important not to push people beyond their limits.

Jack Worseley, an authority on five-element-theory acupuncture, believes in using these points only if the client “asks “for them.  Asking in the Chinese model means that he describes particular bodily sensations or life experiences that indicate a need for attention at some, or all, of these points.  This asking may also take the form of a poignant dream, or an expressed need to see something in his life more clearly – when he is on the verge of some understanding, and needs a window on to it.  Just as work with the sphenoid can open the inner eye, opening of the window points may allow him to see more clearly.

Think of using these points when someone asks about what happened to who he used to be, to his old resolve, Listen for key words, for spiritual or emotionally loaded sentences, where the client explains that he can sense the need for action, but realizes that for some unfathomable reason he is not taking that action.  Use this sequence in cases of despondency, when the client knows that something is amiss but cannot discern what, which in normal times he could “shake himself out of it.”  This awareness of dysfunction coupled with the inability to do anything effective about it is a hallmark of the need for window work.

Another time to use the sequence is when the client’s actions are not in line with his purpose or principles in life and he is aware of it.  This last is the key distinction in using windows work-awareness of dissonance between action and purpose.  The window allows him to see what he needs to do in order to return to his natural level of integrity.

Windows to the Sky Brochure

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