Todd Welden Biography

Todd Welden Biography

My personal healing journey started early in life, as I was challenged medically in my teens.  However, this didn’t stop me from any of my recreational goals - ultra marathons, climbing, kayaking, and skiing – until I could no longer be medically managed.   It was this wake-up call that initiated the business of educating and problem solving within myself in 1988.  A few of the answers were within the western medical system, but most were not and as I became healthier, I began to weave together different lineages, traditions, perspectives and cultures of healthcare systems that worked, and integrated them as a lay medical anthropologist  successfully regaining my health, I was asked if I wouldn’t use my acquired skills clinically.  I opened my practice in 1991. Since then I have also been training and teaching across the U.S. and Europe.


I believe that true healers must change in response to clinical failure, no matter what the healthcare system.  Not all healthcare systems change, and some systems persist in doing the same thing over and over again.  I just don’t find that acceptable.  But what I did find is that when I weave together the common clinically effective elements within these different lineages and cultural traditions into a unique fabric, at the end of the day I simply helped more people.

If you are going to listen to the body deeply you had better understand the territory and what it is trying to tell you.  I have found that what it’s trying to tell me is where it’s going and what I can do to support its healing at its deep possible level – allowing the body’s mechanisms to resource and return to its original emergence of authenticity and integrity.  This is precisely what stem cell research has offered modern medicine.  The original potency is reintroduced as a resource to heal.  Intact indigenous cultures and their ancient healers have been working in embryogenesis for millennia. Only we wait, listen, allow and then support the inherent wisdom of the body to do its own healing. It’s a way of thinking, an engineering troubleshooting approach that looks at a system in the context of a whole body – the spiritual being that we are and the physical container that we are – and integrates them together.

The technique that I use embraces the interplay of structural organizing dynamics and metabolic activities that give rise to form and function.  It recognizes the inherent wisdom and intelligence within every cell.   It seeks to recover what has been lost; to find the innate self corrective principles that guide us, maintain us, and restore us.  It taps that within us that is all powerful, so that we can once again become that memory of perfection which is freely suspended, automatically shifting, self regulating and self maintaining.


A gentle manipulative technique, based on sound physiologic principles, is used to evaluate and treat tissue dysfunction.  This is done through palpation, feeling the tissues and their inherent flexibilities and restrictions.  The imprinted history of various traumas, illnesses, and surgeries can be perceived.  Through a very special understanding of anatomy, and a unique touch, vitality is restored to dysfunctional tissues.

Treatment can vary with each client and each session, but all will experience a very gentle pressure and positioning to encourage the tissues to gently relax and unwind, releasing the shock of imprinted traumas.  Patients often experience a sense of deep relaxation, tingling, fluid flows and relief of pain.  Emotional releases may occur, as well.  These changes may be experienced immediately as they occur or later after the treatment.  Some patients will not notice that their previous level of dis-ease has diminished for some hours or days following the treatment.




Todd Welden

"This system of healing is a serious living commitment, and as a practitioner, one must be willing to surrender to the inherent wisdom of the client." -Todd Welden

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