Todd Welden Classes

Todd Welden Mentoring Classes

Biodynamic touch; simply means in the presence of the whole of life. And there, the practitioner intimately proceeds into the universal realities of human development and dimentionally as they are expressed from the divine, through sacred geometry, into embryogenesis to become structural and physiological law.

In six, two – part professional mentoring classes participants are offered this distinctive training of technical proficiency, uncommon listening and perceiving skills to become confident and effective practitioners in Biodynamic Touch supporting clients back to health.

Be they experienced bodyworkers, healers, psychotherapists, chiropractors or physicians, the rare combination of scientific and instinctual learning style based in non-dual teachings requires the classes be spread over two years to allow the participants the time and capacity to integrate the depths of the curriculum's living vitality.

I personally mentor and assist each participant in acquiring or rather reacquiring their unique innate gifts. This curriculum was conceived and designed to distill rather than imitate.

It is my goal that each participant open and unfold naturally in discovering their own contribution as healers. This training requires shifts and growth in personal development at crucial junctures, for which the student is supported and nurtured.

Biodynamic Classes offered in Colorado. Contact Todd Welden at 970-274-0755 or email at






Above all, integrity for the sacred balance of life is revered.


“I highly recommend Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Touch training to add to any type of bodywork or individual. Learning and working with him is a personal and professional unfoldment.”

- Dawn Stutz